Will Glow the Wisp - the release is getting close
Published 3 years ago
A short update so you get a better impression of what to expect from Will Glow the Wisp
The game is set to release on September 12 , the content is mostly done and I wanted to show you a glimpse of the third world.
First a couple of new enemies, these enemies push the game more into a bullet hell direction.
The third world is focused on what I call modifiers, these are certain areas in a level that change the behavior of the player, enemies and bullet who enter them. There are 3 different types in the third world, speed up, slow down and reverse, I think you can figure out what these are doing ;)
This is the boss of the third world, where everything you learned will be tested once more.
I hope you enjoyed this update, if you did why not add us to your steam wishlist ;)
Regards Niki
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