Why I Chose Unity
Published 4 years ago
How I Started
When I was younger I had this one time with a new I.C.T teacher who said we were going to make a game of some sort, we spent the lesson planning and I thought of some really cool ideas such as noughts and crosses and 3D mazes. At the time the words programming and coding were unknown to me and yet I was really engaged in this lesson. The lesson ended but just as it did, the teacher told us all we were going to be using a software called Scratch.
That night I went home and researched Scratch and found the website. I skyped my friend and around this time I was 7 years old (ish). We both created free accounts and within that night we both made about 3 fully working games that we had planned earlier that day. I was soon hooked and made more and more games on Scratch every night hoping to reach a community; but still, programming and coding meant nothing to me and I didn't yet know the meanings.
About a year followed and I moved schools soon to find some new people who loved computers too! I knew what programming meant at this age and wanted to try something new, but there was nothing suitable for my age that wasn't too complex or too simple. I tried converting Scratch files into .Jar files but either the window was too small or it wouldn't work with sound. I then sat down to watch youtube and saw an advert...
Here I am today just getting into my first proper published Unity game and I know most of Unity and c#. I am very thankful to the Unity team, to the Scratch team and to my old I.C.T teacher that started off that first lesson of coding. In the future, I hope to make more games and open up to a community full of helpfull and fun people who play my games.
That was my story.... That was why I chose Unity!