Who needs a star, when you have Batman?
Published 4 years ago
Development Blog #05
The rush of loading up the game for the first time, on your own phone after you’ve been working on and toiling over it for weeks is something else. Although i know the game that is being loaded up is far from complete - heck, it’s barely even a toddler in terms of the lifecycle - i know that all the units are the exact same model, the models themselves don’t have any animations so it looks like 40 spartan warriors charging at each other pretending to be aeroplanes. In spite of all of that, the rush of seeing the Unity screen as it loaded up was spine-tingling. It was a mixture of excitement, trepidation, eagerness and determination all rolled up into one. It was a white screen, with a black square, and it made me feel all of those emotions - i can only imagine the furor of emotions that overcomes you on release date.
The internal build, as exciting as it was, was also our first chance to properly sit down with the game and get a genuine grasp on what was in our heads and what we’re technically capable of with the software available to us. The majority of this week has been focused on design work and tweaking the build to meet our expectations - therefore unfortunately we do not have a massive amount to show to you guys. I guess is the reality of games development; sometimes you have a week where you feel like you haven’t got anything to show for it. Which when you get down and think about it, is nonsense. What we have been doing is extremely important in the long run, we’ve been laying the groundwork so to speak which will pay back tenfold in the future.
What we do have to show you is a very, very sassy pot
This is going to be our the “loading” icon throughout the various different screens of the title. It’s not that exciting in the grand scheme of what we’re going to be doing but it is a small victory and it is always good to bask in them when you get the chance!
We’ve been experimenting with animations - currently we have upgraded our spartans from “Standing Aeroplane” to “Idle Breathing”. I jest but this is all very exciting, it’s really nice to see those static characters finally come to life.
There’s also been some Christmas spirit erupting in the office! You may, or may not, have seen our awe-inspiring bat angel. Who needs a star, when you have Batman? He is our protector, watching over us as we do our work waiting for the perfect moment to glide kick us in the back… I've got my eye on you bat “angel”.
As mentioned in our previous blog, we got our stream up and running on Saturday. This is going to be a weekly thing going forward to make sure you get it marked in your calendar! As always any help you can give us is always appreciated you can currently find us on Pateron, the link is in the footer of our main page!
As always, thank you so much for taking the time to read the blog (I check the analytics feverishly, i know that people actually read them!) and we will see you next time.
Merry Christmas!
Alex Curtis
Creative Director - Executive