What We're Playing: SPL-T
Published 5 years ago
Unity's very own Andy Brammall gives us his perspective of Simogo's latest game
Having worked with Scandinavians for the past 5 ½ years I soon worked out that   many people from the Nordics view communication in a different light to the English.  If they think that something is obvious they won’t tell you but will let you figure it out yourself.  
SPL-T is the most Scandinavian game ever.  Bar none.  
You start off with a title screen with super retro Asteroid style black and white fonts, that reminds me of a time when I had hair and listened to Parallel Lines constantly.  
You tap the screen and…nothing.  Darkness.  An endless void.  
In a panic I tap the screen again and a single horizontal white line appears.  Reassured I tap again and a vertical one appears.  Frenzied random tapping and I start to build up patterns of lines until I make a set of 4 solid boxes that all have a number.  More tapping leads to more boxes that eventually disappear and stuff falls down.  I have no clue why.  
After several minutes of tapping the game eventually says “No more splits” and I’m done and have a score.  I then try for 20 minutes and get nowhere near my initial score.  I have actually managed to unlearn how to play the game.  Then I spot a tiny, demented figure at the top of the screen waving their arms around at random.  What are they doing?  No one can tell me!  
I continue to play and then eventually I get a moment of Zen like clarity.  The demented fellow is telling me which direction of line is coming next.  He isn’t taunting me, he’s helping me!  
This lone voice in the darkness helps me eventually understand that you need to have structure to your gameplay.  Unstructured tapping leads to chaos, suffering and death.  And white space, which is REALLY BAD.  Clarity of thought is everything.   
In short this game has got right under my skin and I see parallel lines everywhere.  Just like when I had hair.
Nathaniel Ventura
Product Marketing Manager - Marketer