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Published 5 years ago
New Flame, our take at the Global Game Jam 2016
Hello everyone!
We are writing this entry to tell you about our first experience as a whole team at the Global Game Jam 2016 that took palce on January.
We are from Chile and we used to work from our houses, chatting by Slack or mails, so this was a really good opportunity to gather the team together and work side by side.
The Jam's theme was "Ritual" so we had to decide what kind of game we were going to develop so after a long conversation where we discussed what meant Ritual for each of us we decide to make a game that mixed Mexican culture and Amazon influences to tell a story. So we combined that with a 2D Platformer style as that is the genre we have been trying to master.
Game Concept
We tell the story of an old village that on the full moon nights perform a Ritual where men take torches on top of the village mountain to keep spirits in peace.
Our heroine, called Flame, want to take part of this ritual, but is forbidden for her so she convince her grandfather with great determination, yet, on the way to the top of the mountain she stumble with some rocks losing balance and dropping the torch she was carrying. She didn’t want to fail so she jump to catch the torch falling over a cliff.
This action ruin the Ritual and so the Mountain’s God cursed her to be a beast marked with the sign of the Flame. Would you help her to restore order and regain her human form?
The Art
For the art we had to deal with a big problem, we had two illustrator: our former member Lucas and the new one NicoNico along with our former pixel artist Ignacio who can only draw pixel art animations while the other two know nothing of it. We needed to find a way where the three artist could work at full without interfering with each other.
We had as reference two main games, “Limbo” and “Ori and the Blind Forest” so we tried a little experiment, Ignacio would make pixel art for the character and GUI elements while NicoNico would do simple illustrations for the environment and main obstacles. On the other hand Lucas would work on the main title illustration and the images for the initial story telling.
The Music
For the music Nikolai tried a dynamic music interaction where some audio cues would play on specific position of the character on the stage giving a more immersive and great impression of the jungle.
There is a main track running all the time along with different instrument that change volume in order to express different things, this way few audio tracks where made with more variations by using the instruments in different tracks.
Under the Skin
We used C# and Unity 5.3 along with some internal plugins we have developed (SpoonCharacter2D and SpoonPlataform2D) and some third party plugins (ConsolePro, DebugDrawingExtension and ProCamera2D).
The plugins that we created where finished a few days before the event so it was the perfect opportunity to try them out and as we expected we found a lot of error and design mistakes but also we realized that the plugins itself are really useful so we will keep working on them before releasing them on the asset store.
Final Words
It was a really amazing experience to be part of a GGJ event as Spoonman Games, we really look forward to get an office now hahaha.
I hope you like our little game, we are still getting our hands at what the game development process really is so if you want to keep an eye on us we recommend you look at the following links!
Gameplay and other links
And if out know Spanish you may want to see the live presentation of the game during the event:
Check out the demo for yourself:
Visit us at (currently only in Spanish):
Esteban Gaete Flores
Co-founder and CEO - Programmer