What is MyWorld?
Published 2 years ago
MyWorld is a unique, 3D, multiplayer sandbox action RPG game where you can create, share and play games.
In MyWorld you can make single player campaigns where you can add in your own story-line with quests and missions, or invite your friends along to play in co-op campaigns and take on the world together. You can also build multiplayer arenas to challenge friends and other competitors from around the world in Player vs Player battles with teams of up to 4v4.
When you first run MyWorld your avatar will appear in your home world where there will be a huge choice of heroes you can play as, and we aim to keep rolling them out so users can choose the one that best defines who they would like to be.
As you play the games in MyWorld you'll be rewarded with loot and XP allowing you to progress and level up.
We support game sharing on Steam with the Steam Workshop features and are expecting the universe of games to expand massively as users start making and sharing games. When you share games or host sessions of games that support co-op or Player vs Player game modes, other MyWorld users can join your shared sessions and play along with you.
We've made the process of game creation really simple. Just drag and drop objects and they will intelligently position within the scene. There are controls for editing the world's terrain, graphical themes, game mechanics and game settings. You can choose from an ever growing list of game objects including buildings, vegetation, walls, fences, everyday objects, enemies, bosses, NPCs, and lights. We'll be constantly adding to the core items as the product develops after release.
With one press of a key you can instantly play the game you’ve designed, there's no waiting around. Keep making adjustments and re-run and play until you have the game of your dreams. 
Add a narrative to your games, telling your story to your players. NPC (Non Player Characters) can be given quest chains with Kill and collect objectives. Or have them tell stories with 'dialog' only settings.
With its ease of use MyWorld we hope it will appeal to a wide audience of creative users who want to make, play and share.
Richard Vanner
Development Director - Producer