What is Math Combat Challenge
Published 2 years ago
Combining math and combat
During the presentations, some mathematicians have approached us with a very specific question: what does Math Combat Challenge (MC2) have to do with mathematics?
Of course, we understand what they mean. MC2 is not a sophisticated mathematical calculation program, nor is it intended to carry out complex studies on mind and calculation. MC2 is a videogame that combines math and combat, and whose purpose is to entertain the player. And use mathematics for it. The player configures the game to his liking, to be presented with math exercises from simple sums to equations of second degree, although of course the game will have more options in the future. And the player must solve these exercises. Fixed panels are resolved by looking up the numbers on the stage (the active panel has a halo around it). Instant panels require quick resolution.
In the end, according to the type of problems solved, their complexity, and their speed, the game determines a score. And that’s all. Or well, not exactly , actually. The players must solve these exercises while resisting countless hordes of enemies and/or starships trying to finish their calculations, and with him or her, in a first person view, or aboard a starship. That means an extra amount of stress. We want the player to suffer, there is nothing better than a player who suffers. Of course not too much. Suffer enough to have fun.
The game has four levels and many possible configurations for the game, and allows you to deactivate the enemies, for those who simply want to play to get the maximum score without being disturbed. But the core of the game is to resist and finish all the calculations in one piece.
You´ll have to deal solving math problems while in combat. Which is first? Killing that enemy, or solve the damn math problem? You can lose if you don´t solve too many problems. And you can lose if you die for the enemy fire. It´s your choice. Remember you can get help from the combat drone and the automatic minigun. They can be critical for your success.
And that’s it. The combination of concentration that requires solving mathematical exercises, along with the stress of survival, is a combination that we believe can be fun and enjoyable. Have fun, enjoy, and try to solve the most exercises. The player can also invoke his own exercises if he/she wants, in addition to those generated by the program.
All this in different scenarios, as we said, either on foot, or on board spaceships. Or a combination of both. In open places like space, or in abandoned and dark space bases, full of unpleasant surprises.
We have an internal beta in progress, and we´re recording some short videotutorials to explain how the game works. We´ll inform the release date soon.
That’s Math Combat Challenge. We hope you like it, and enjoy it. And suffer. Suffer a lot by solving math, and trying to survive.
Thank you very much.
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