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Updated 2 years ago
24 Hour Content Freeze
We’re in the process of updating!  To do that, we’ve temporarily disabled the ability to create or modify new content between 10am July 18 and 10 am July 19th CEST.
While you wait for these wonderful updates to appear in all their glory, please consider the following when your edit/creation rights are restored on July 19:

Take some time to update your game profiles

We know you’ve been hard at work on your latest project and a lot has likely happened since you created your profile.  Make sure to update your development status, add new trailers or images, description, store links, and social channels.  

New fields that tell more about your game!  

We’ve added a few new options to help describe your game and make it easier to find in related stories and game searches.  When you go back to edit your profile, keep these new fields in mind:
  • Release Dates - Yes, it’s true.  You can now add a release date to each store you add on your game profile!  Let everyone know when it’s coming out (and us too so we can hype it up near launch)
  • Stores - Along with release dates, we’ve updated our store lists so the appropriate icon shows up with your store release.  Previously, there was an option that would allow you to add any link.  We’ve done away with this because people could link to non-secure sites and the below image is an example of how an unapproved migrated store will show up as.  If there’s a store link that doesn’t work for you, please email us at  
  • Tag Limits - We’ve limited game profiles to two main category tags (e.g. RPG, Racing) and four descriptive tags (e.g. 3D, low poly, lovecraftian).  We understand your game can only be defined by six tags but the intent is so you show up in relevant searches and related profiles.  You’ll need to update these fields if you want to modify your profile
  • Short description - The top of your profile features an area for a short description that easily tells the eager browser what your game is in 200 characters or less.  Don’t worry, we’ve kept the main description area so you can get into the details for what your game is all about.
  • Update Your Images and Videos - We’ve made updates to our image sizes so they are all now at easy 16:9 ratio.  However, because we migrated your original images to the new site things may look a bit off.   Make sure to log in and edit any existing profiles to walk through these changes!
Make sure to come back on July 19 around 10:00am CEST to see the new update and update/add content to the site!
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