We need dreams!
Published 5 years ago
It's hard! But we never give up!
Here is Nina, the only girl in our team. We have 11 members. And our team is just founded on Oct.1st,2015. So far, we have 2 indie games.
One is <Evils War>, the other is <The East New World> which is just online.
Our team worked in a company since March in 2015. As we have different ideas against the boss, we left the company. We want to develope the indie games which are really interesting, not just the game to earn money. So we founded our team --- TEN10Games.
For the first month, we got in trouble. Yes, some finance problems. Office rent, salary problems and so on. We didn't get our salary for 2 month and our game was still in developing at that time. But almost everyone in our team has to pay the housing loan and has families to raise. So it really hit us. It's about reality, not just about dreams, right? That really hurts if we have to give up our dreams because of money! If so, why did we leave the company?
Fortunately, we finally solved the problem. But here comes the second problem. As our team lacked of experience, we didn't do well in our first game in everything aspect which means it's not a successful game, and it really disappointed everyone. But we cheered up, and made a summary about our work and began our second game.
And finally our second game <The East New World> is online. But here comes the third big problem: How to promote our game in overseas market. We know nothing about it, and we don't have burget for any promotion. I write to editors of the game media website to introduce our game and required for reviews, and tweet the people who broadcast live on Youtube for recommendation on their twitter page and so on, that's the things I am still doing now. Of course, we are trying our best to figure it out how to make it work.
Thanks god, people seem like our game and give it praise, but not including the English. Since we don't have any barget to hire someone to translat it, I do the translation myself. 
Anyway, we are happy that we start our dream, and we will just keep moving and develope good game for you guys. Thanks a lot!
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