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Published 2 years ago
Legrand Legacy Update !
While we’ve been hard at work on the content for the Kickstarter campaign and the many updates we've been doing, we’ve also been working on the game itself to create a better experience for players. We have received a lot of feedback from those of you who have played the Pre-Alpha Prologue, and we plan to incorporate said feedback into the next revision of the game.
Once funded, one of the areas we’ll be working to improve is the game’s visual effects, which makes it the perfect topic for today’s update! Please note that what we’ll be showing here is still a work-in-progress, so the designs and effects are not final.
Let’s begin with Finn’s Slash. We want to create the impression of a swift yet weighty sword slash that splatters upon impact, so here’s an early draft for Finn’s Slash.
This is how Finn’s Slash will probably look in the game.
Next is Arc Slash, Finn’s Arcana. An Arcana is powerful, so it’s supposed to look dramatic and memorable, literally shaking the ground. So we, therefore, came up with the following design, which combines swift sword slashes with an explosion of dusty particles that rise from the ground.
This is how Finn’s Arcana will probably look in the game.
And here’s Klahmaran, everyone’s favorite big bad guy. He’s flaming hot, so we came up with a design that truly takes the temperature up a notch by combining symbolic illustrations with a wall of blazing fire flares that devours the entire room!
This is how Klahmaran’s attack will probably look in the game.
What do you think about these visual effects? Do you think that once implemented they will make a big difference in your gaming experience? Please let us know in the comments below!
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