Unite Melbourne Made with Unity Showcase Lineup Announced!
Published 4 years ago
Unite Melbourne 2016 ups the stakes again with this year’s chosen Showcase exhibitors
There are a stunning number of talented developers around the world creating projects that are beautiful, creative and fun and the region around Australia and New Zealand is no exception! We received an overwhelming number of submissions to participate in the Unite Melbourne Made with Unity showcase. We’d like to thank all of the applicants for making our lives so difficult! Projects are selected based on a number of criteria including innovation, creativity, beauty, and fun across as wide a variety of genres, art styles and platforms as possible. While narrowing down such a large and amazing field of projects to fill only 12 spots in the showcase is a difficult process, it was also a rewarding one that afforded us an amazing opportunity to see the Unity community’s passion for creating games and other incredible experiences. Thank you for sharing that with us and we hope we see you all at Unite Melbourne 2016 and at the rest of Melbourne International Games Week.
We hope the 12 projects selected for the Made with Unity showcase inspire all those who attend Unite Melbourne 2016. It’s a great opportunity to talk to the developers that made these games, learn their process, share your own, and grow as a community. Projects will be on display at the event on Monday October 31st.
Give a look to the list and we’ll see you at Unite!

A Township Tale by ALTA

Agent A: A puzzle in disguise by Yak and Co. 

Damsel by Screwtape Studios

Goat Punks by Alberto Santiago

Grav|Lab by Mark Schramm

HeatVR by Lightweave 

Party Golf by Giant Margarita

Resynth by Polyphonic LP 

The American Dream by Samurai Punk

The Eyes of Ara by 100 Stones Interactive 

Ticket to Earth by Robot Circus

Warden: Melody of the Undergrowth by Cardboard Keep

Matthew Fini