Unfolding the Secrets of the Game
Published 5 years ago
Unfolding the Secrets of Fold the World
Following its release, Fold the World shot to the top of the charts and already has nearly 2 million downloads and counting! So what exactly is Fold the World? Read on to unfold some insider information on everyone’s favorite new app! 
Fold the World is a puzzle game based on the physics of paper, originally created by Eon Games and published by TabTale’s Crazy Labs brand. In the game, the player guides Yolo, the springy hero, through 60 beautifully crafted puzzles and across 3 surreal worlds, to uncover hidden paths and defeat the Lord of Darkness. 
Fold the World introduces completely new game mechanics that have never before been seen. The game meshes the physical and digital worlds as the player travels through fairytale pages, bending virtual paper in the most incredible ways imaginable. 
From the ancient tradition of Origami to classic children’s pop-up books to the age of the iPad, each level in Fold the World is a unique experience and a work of art. The game evokes a sense of nostalgia, while introducing a younger generation to the magical world of pop-up books. Each level was carefully crafted by hand with actual paper, play-tested and, only then, recreated digitally. As the player folds the paper, new illustrations emerge coinciding with the game’s storyline. 
We asked the developers at Eon Games what their biggest challenge was when creating the Fold the World. 
"The most difficult part of the development process was the creation of levels,” said Oleg Taliuk, founder of Eon Games. The development of level editors for such a game was extremely challenging. In this game, each puzzle was created manually. First, the game designer cut the level out of paper, then artists modeled and fine-tuned the level, and only then was the level built by programmers for the game itself." 
And of course, we asked Oleg what the most fun part was of developing the game. 
“The most fun part was playing the endless paper levels we created with real paper. We had tons of paper puzzles in the office, as well as pens, scissors and markers everywhere! Each level were really different and we ended up leaving many ideas the table. Also, it was really fun to write the story and hear our art director record the voice of Yolo.” 
Oleg even sent us some behind-the-scenes pics and told us a bit about each stage in the app’s creation. 
“This is the handmade paper level map of Fold the World. We were planning to make a standard "level choose" screen, but then the idea of the paper level map came to us. The book in this picture was made by our Art Director’s wife ( she is an artist too!)” 
“This is the draft of a level. I made hundreds of levels like this with paper, scissors, glue and a pen. Our team played these levels and the best ones were used in the game. I made about 4-5 levels per day, trying to make them as interesting and different as possible.” 
“This is the drawing of our tale. At first we planned to have pictures on the background of the levels only, but then decided to create an interesting narrative. We tried different ways of creating puzzle pictures, some were too complex and therefore not used in the game.” 
Fold the World is available on the App Store on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in 11 languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Russian. Google Play version is coming soon