Two man army studio
Published 4 years ago
We are two brothers with roots in game dev, separated till now...
Zen Garden Mahjong is our first game, and we hope that not last...
We are brothers, one is specialized in 3D graphics (mainly in game dev) and I'm a self-taught programmer with passion for games.
We where working separately till now in different branches on the same company and we always dreamed to finally start make our own studio and make games based on our own ideas.
Not to listen to anyone, but only be driven by imagination.
This is how we came up with idea for our first project, to make a beautiful Solitaire Mahjong  game with lot of enjoyment from actual gameplay.
Decision to use Unity was straight forward, as this is best multi-platform engine, and it uses C# for scripts.
Idea for gameplay scenes came out from my business trips to different regions of Europe.
We hope that our game will find few devoted users, so We will be happy to bring more and more new exciting features to our game.
Programmer - Executive