Twitch Live Stream GameDev Tutorial Turns Into Mobile Puzzle Game
Published 3 years ago
Puzzle Cubez for iOS and Android has been released after 30 hours of live streamed development.
iOS App Store Download Link
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10 weeks ago I logged into twitch with an idea, lets see if I can stream myself making a game from start to finish. The idea came to me after realizing that even though I enjoyed watching game dev videos and streams, most people were either focused on one task or skipped over certain aspects of game development, like setting up a Unity project or a GIT repo for Unity. 
For reference, all 10 stream archives can be viewed on my youtube channel.
I started the first stream with no idea of the game I wanted to make, heck I didnt even know if anyone would watch, but as that first 3 hour stream ended I had gained over 140 viewers and was the top post on That first stream is were I came up with the base idea for Puzzle Cubez and with help from the viewers it grew in complexity to what is in the store today. 
For a quick overview Puzzle Cubez is a challenging yet fun puzzle game that requires critical thinking and memory. Attempt to match your input cubes to the provided guide cubes within a certain set of moves. Use 6 different rules over 100 puzzles to try and best what Puzzle Cubez has to offer. Think a classic Rubik's Cube taken to a whole new digital level. You can check out a gameplay trailer below.
As the streams continued and as we got near the end both my motivation and the audience growth had slowed. Topping out at ~800 subscibers/followers and over 10,000 views by the time the 10th and final stream had ended. After that final stream there was some polish work left to do, but really the app just needed packaged and submitted to the stores. Even though such little amount of work was left, I almost stopped right there. With this being a side project, making no money, taking time away from my wife and child, I almost felt I needed to give it up. Luckily with some much needed motivation from my wife and friends I was able to power through. 
When it came to polish and submission time I decided to start utilizing Unity Cloud build. It was something I was aware of but up till that point I hadent used any of the Unity Services and Cloud Build was my first dip into the pool. After some success with cloud build I decide to dive right in, utilizing Unity Services for: Analytics, IAP, Cloud Build, and Ads. I will have to say that it was not only easy to use these but also helped me add much more polish and content to the game without the need of hundres of hours of programming. For this, me and my wife are very grateful :)
All in all I think it was a success. Not only did I build a game that I am proud of, but I think I created around 30 hours of YouTube content that can really teach you how to build a game in Unity from start to finish. 
Andrew Hilvers