Turning back the hands of time in Farabel
Published 4 years ago
Playing with time in Farabel
The most observant of you all have probably picked up on the baseline: Farabel, the game that starts out at the end. And of course, you don't know what's going on!
Let me explain what this is about.
The 2 main characters of the game are Cendor, Lord of Farabel that you incarnate in the game and his right hand, the High Priestess. Each of them possesses the power to manipulate time in their own way.
Cendor can make a character step backwards during a battle by making it give a small jump in time. It is tactically very useful. But for now, what really interests us is the power of the High Priestess who is capable of making her spirit and Cendor's travel into the past for days, weeks, and even months if she wishes!
Well, in theory.
The game begins at the end of a war between the men of Farabel, led by Cendor and the Orcs of the Black Mountains, commanded by the cruel AZUK.
At the end of the first battle, the High Priestess attempts to return into the past before the start of the war; the root of the conflict.
After years of idleness, the High Priestress's power has unfortunately turned rusty and her spell fails miserably. Instead of being transported before the start of the war, the two characters gave a small jump backwards and found themselves in the middle of a battle that they had already lived 2 days earlier! The second attempt by the High Priestess was not any more successful and the 2 characters went as far back as the beginning of the war, battle by battle.
But the High Priestess can only travel in time with the mind and conscience of the characters, not the body. With each jump into the past, the characters are left with a slightly weaker, less experienced and less well-equipped body.
Typically, every time you complete a level in a game, you get to improve your hero's features on the characters screen. In Farabel, it's the opposite: the hero drops levels and you choose what features to diminish.
This is the core of the experience that Farabel wants you live: be increasingly weak and fragile in a world that is still so dangerous. Finish the game and reach level 1!
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Also, thanks for the follow ^^ I've been following your work for a very long while now, every since I bought a couple of character packs from you. Greetings from a fellow developer from Brazil :D
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Hey, AWESOME project! :)