Tunnel Story
Published 4 years ago
A Deeper Look Into Our Creation
An infinite Tunnel, shooting missiles, red wheels, and you on the control of a fancy ball racing down the route with colours, flashes and patterns that are designed to perplex and bamboozle. The tunnel has the tendency to transform itself into a narrow, single path at a moment’s notice and will throw all sorts of obstacles in path that need to be skillfully dodged around and navigate, collecting coins along the way to boost score.
As the name says, the concept is totally tunnel based. We took idea from various tunnels around the world and came up with the design, which can give the user most realistic feeling. The idea was to make the user feel that they are travelling through a real tunnel. According to our review, we can say we have succeeded.
Making It Real
It was not easy to bring the idea of our game to life. It took a lot of dedication, hard work and passion to materialize our idea into shape. Our programmers, designers, testers and all other associated members gave their full enthusiasm to make it happen. As a result, we can proudly declare our success for our game.
Errors and failures were no surprises to anyone at all. It was a continuous process to fix an issue and getting a new one. Then again fix it for a newer one. It went on and on. However, it was not bothering at all because we all were eagerly waiting for the day when our game will be ready with least amount of bugs and errors and now, it is being downloaded by thousands of people from all around the globe.
We wanted our game to be well accepted among people of all age. So we kept the gameplay quite easy. However, it is not that much easy to master. A player needs to be focused and careful while traversing through the hypnotic tunnel world because one can never know what will come towards him to attack- missiles,  deadlocks, killer wheels and more.
Just within a moment of time, a simple mistake can end your game if you don’t keep yourself alert for all the time during the game. And yes, the game becomes more interesting when are able to collect all the gold coins to unlock more and more characters with various visual effect.
Designing Characters And Obstacles
Designing the tunnel was the hardest part, because we had to consider so many scenarios. From colours to the angles of the spiral, we were extra cautious about everything. After designing the tunnel, we realized designing the characters were as hard as designing the tunnel. Matching the colours of the balls, and fitting the obstacles at perfect places took lot of time.
We had to redesign everything too many times. At the end, maybe after scratching thousand pieces of sketches, we completed our design, and gifted our fans one flashier The Mascoteers’ game.
While designing the obstacles we did our best to come up with new ideas. The red missiles took a lot of time to get the perfect finishing. Whereas, the red bars and deadlocks were pretty smooth to design, as they are very simple. The killer wheels on the other hand two types of design, one has two spaces to pass, other one has four. The Last one is probably the most interesting –The Tetra choke. It looks very easy to pass, but this is where most of the users choke. The users need to be careful, thus they can have fun escaping our various obstacles.
Upcoming Works
Our game will be on constant development emerging new ideas, modes characters etc. We are already on some new concepts and we will surely integrate them with our current version. 
Thanks from The Mascoteers
We, The Mascoteers, would like to express our sincere thanks to fans and supporters who have been the encouragement for our accomplishments. We are confident enough  to make your future expectation into reality because The Mascoteers is  a team of highly skilled and ambitious individuals with the capability of bringing new ideas into life with lots of excitement and challenges.
We would really appreciate any kind of feedbacks, suggestions and concerns.