Throne of Lies Online & Our Global Team's Accomplishments
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The Game, The Mechanics, The Story...

( This article is posted in 2016 - during Kickstarter with old gfx. Throne of Lies is now on Steam! )

"The Online Game of Lies & Deceit",
inspired by medieval politics and the Werewolf/Mafia genre.
Throne of Lies is a 3D online-multiplayer social deduction game of lies and deceit, inspired by the popular Werewolf/Mafia genre of social & tabletop games, combined with Medieval politics.
Game session matchmaking will bring 7-16 players together who must figure out who they can trust, who to eliminate, and make sure they (or their faction) survive over the course of several night and day cycles to win.
The overall game will pit two main factions against each other (Blue Dragon vs. Black Rose). Players will be randomly assigned to either. No one knows who’s who at the start. Alliances will be made, assassinations will occur, secret meetings will take place, lies will be told, and voting to execute those accused of treason will make every game session a new and unique experience.
You will be deceived many times, but there are actions you can take to help deduce who is or isn’t on your side. Use your abilities and social / deduction skills to stay alive and win. By design, Throne of Lies will have high replayability value.
The game will be available on Steam (PC, Mac, & Linux), and is being developed with the Unity3D engine. Throne of Lies will be the first standalone 3D social deduction game to be produced.
There are 15 players per game session, each randomly assigned a class. Players will also be assigned membership to a team (one of 4 factions), which could be either Blue Dragon, Black Rose, Neutral, or The Cult. There are a series of Day and Night rounds. Each round allows only a short duration of time for players to make split-second decisions, based on deductive clues obtained from the players’ special abilities and the social aspect of the game.
Each round has Day and Night phases. Any time within the day period, players may vote to determine if a player is guilty of treason (a crime generally punishable by death). If the majority votes a player guilty, the accused player will be executed by the first person who accused them of treason. There are special execution effects tied to the accuser’s equipped weapon (a fire weapon would light the executed player to flames, for example).
Outside of the proper voting to be executed trials during the day, players will also have limited time to chat, where they would gather and share evidence to decide who is or isn’t suspicious, allowing them to decide who to slay or defend during the following night phase.
Day is when players get to discuss and learn about what happened at night, such as who has been murdered, among other things. Players will then get together to cast their votes to execute a player. Being enemy factions, a Blue Dragon member would want to get rid of a Black Rose member, and vice versa. There will be times where you wrongly vote to execute an innocent person (or someone who was actually on your side) for treason, by wrongly assuming they were guilty. You can lie, act innocent, and blame others to try to trick everyone into voting someone you want gone.
Night is when a player may kill in the darkness and be part of others’ foul play. Different classes will have different abilities and intentions at night. Players can visit each other’s private rooms, share secret plans, assassinate, spy, use special night abilities, and more.
You can write in your journal to keep track of what happens each day, such as who was killed or who you interacted with.
You'll also have a deathnote, which you'll write in using ink and blood (black and red). Whatever your write or draw in your deathnote will be revealed to all of the other players when you die.
There are also two neutral factions to act as wildcards during these efforts. When a king is slain, a new King rises, based off a nomination amongst the Royals class types (those with an ability to step up to become King).
The players’ ultimate goal for their faction (good or evil) is to eliminate all opposing factions, with the exception of neutral factions that may have their own goals or take advantage of the weak.
The main references of the game are:
  • The original 1986 Mafia/Werewolf party games: The first of it’s kind. We take their original rules as a standard and build upon it in our own way in 3D, online.
  • Secret Hitler: Card-based version of Mafia/Werewolf as a tabletop game with friends, bringing a new spin on the classic. Their gameplay shows bringing new rules and adding flavor is hugely popular to players who enjoy these types of games.
  • Town of Salem: It’s online multiplayer take on mafia/werewolf games with chat allows players to play with each other from all over the world. We’re doing something similar in beautiful 3D, bringing improvements and new ideas that we want in a game like this.
The gameplay of Throne of Lies, unlike other Mafia/Werewolf games, focuses on giving players multiple classes with 1-2 day abilities and 1-2 night abilities. Facial expressions, choices in armor and weapons, and having a Noble system (where a King rules and can be replaced) exist for the first time in any online game of this genre. You can actually visit the inside of other players’ rooms, meaning if you’re in a secret meeting, you’ll see your friends there with you. This is the first 3D game in the genre, giving full immersion, and at certain moments, freedom of wandering around.
With over 40 unique classes and over 100 abilities, all fully illustrated, we mean serious business when it comes to getting the most out of our game. Here’s just a fraction of the art you’ll see in the game.
We make it easy to learn and understand what each class does by having an in-game wiki with class cards:
How else are you going to be able to execute each other? Throne of Lies will have many weapons to choose from which means you'll get to bring style into taking the life of those accused of treason.
Each weapon type has a special execution effect (old gfx):
Each player has their own room, which they'll stay in each night. Every class type has their own room style. As mentioned in the gameplay section, players may visit each other's rooms at night to use their night abilities on them, such as attempt to assassinate them secretly or simply spy on them, among other things.
  1. Full 3D, DirectX 11 graphics @ 64-bit - With stunning full illustrations and art.
  2. Your deduction skills are just as, if not more, useful than your skills and abilities.
  3. Day/Night phases with match-specific gameplay and replayability - Unique abilities each phase and different player classes per-match makes every game session a unique experience.
  4. "Recruiting" and "Converting" system - changing the entire class to a new, "darker" version.
  5. "King" and "Royalty" system - rising up to inherit the throne if the King is killed.
  6. Individual custom rooms at night - First game in the genre to give visitable rooms customized to your role; secret group meeting rooms; group graveyards.
  7. We believe death shouldn't be boring - Unique Death/ghost system with mini game(s).
  8. Unlock and equip components - Not only can you earn the traditional full skins, but you'll be able to get new weapons, shields, armor, and even auras. Only aesthetics can be unlocked to balance gameplay.
  9. 15-player online interrogation, trial and treason system - the guilty are executed by players, execution abilities tied to your equipped weapon.
How the ToL team revamps a throne chair to go from "ok" to "EPIC" through our in-house artists:
1. "Heya artists -- we need a new throne chair. Here's the original.."
2. "Approved, let's add some texture"
3. "NICE! How about making this 3D?"

...and that's how it's done, Imperium42 style :)

What would such a game be.. without a customly composed epic theme song with lyrics?
  • ♫ The Hangman's Noose ♫
  • ♫ Login/Lobby Theme Song ♫
Throne of Lies offers unique gameplay at an affordable price. We promise to keep the game affordable at < $10 and to never, ever offer "pay-to-win" in-game items. We are gamers just like you and promise to respond to community feedback and keep the game both balanced and updated. We promise to keep ToL simple to learn, yet difficult to master and will constantly refine the game to reflect this.
This is a complex game and we can't fit everything here. For more information about rules, mechanics, and a full list of classes/factions, visit our Wikia (
We started working on Throne of Lies 1 year ago, and we’re about 80% complete - We need your help to bring this game to life - We want to make the game that we have always dreamed of.
Be sure to check out our official site:
We hope you are as excited about our game as we are - Thank You!
We hope to start our Kickstarter between Q4 2016 and Q1 2017, with something playable by Q1 of 2017 for closed alpha -- We'll keep the scope of the game small so we can concentrate on delivering better content to you instead of a game that will never realistically exist. This game is truly progressing FAST and will come to you if you want it :)
We will apply for Greenlight when the Kickstarter starts. We are ALL gamers, too! You can be sure to see us all from Imperium42 in-game playing alongside everyone.

Imperium42 Game Studio
Dylan "Xblade" Hunt
Founder and Developer - Dylan is originally from California and has been in the commercial gaming industry for over 10 years, owning South Carolina's first cyber gaming cafe and eventually becoming a developer for the software used at the cafe for gaming centers -- After graduating from college in Hawaii with honors, he went to Taiwan to learn Chinese and study Unity3D, eventually leading up to creating "Imperium42 Game Studio" based out of Las Vegas, NV.
Dylan and a small team across the world has been passionately developing Imperium42's first and flagship title, Throne of Lies for PC, Mac, Linux and, eventually, VR, using only the best graphics, the latest in multiplayer technologies with the Unity engine, and orchestrated soundtracks and effects.
Dylan has been making this game purely out of passion and hope you feel what we felt through developing this game as you look at what we have accomplished.
Elsa "FieryElsa" Hunt
Co-Founder and Business Relations Manager - Elsa is from Taiwan and is the glue of Imperium42, ensuring everything is held together, organized, and running both efficiently and happily. Considering that we have all been developing this game out of passion, one of Elsa's primary jobs is to keep up morale and ensure everyone is satisfied. With a master's degree in HR management and a strong will, she handles it well.
She is also both our accountant and micro investor: Although our budget is slim-to-none, there are still expenses to be done beforehand and we thank her for the contributions to get us where we are today.
Elsa has also been stepping in for management and taking charge in some of the higher-level marketing campaigns, such as most of the YouTube teasers you have seen so far. She is an essential role to Imperium42 and is appreciated for every step of the way!
Adityaraj "Adiart" Jain 2D Artist - "Adiart" is our senior artist from India that joined only shortly after the other senior members - All the full illustrations, wallpaper, the two kings and nobles that you have seen so far have all been the result of Adiart's hand. His mastery for portraits and illustrations offer imagination and a sense of immersion like no other. Our login screen will have our flagship wallpaper illustration of "Castle Adiart", named after him in his honor.
Adi's dedication to this project is beyond our expectations and believe we never would have had the opportunity to offer such a fulfilling experience of emotion within his work if he was not with us today, still offering new portraits every week!
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Dylan Hunt (Imperium42)
Developer - Programmer