The story of enslavement the giants
Published 4 years ago
It's time to make it bigger
Hey! We're CodeHorizon, a small team from Poland currently making a game called Giant Machines 2017. It's a simulator where you can sit behind the wheel of 7 biggest industrial machines ever driven.
CodeHorizon’s crew
There is nothing like the smell of diesel in the morning. That is the motto, that followed us since the company has been created. We’re the bunch of guys, who are crazy about cars, bikes, machines, and at last, but definitely not least, games.
Why Giant Machines 2017?
You can tell, that people made many vehicle simulators. I can guarantee you, none was like this. This game is the child of our devskills and our fuel-pumped hearts. At first brainstorm, we discussed, how can we make our game stand for itself? The answer was simple, but yet complex for production - “Let’s make it bigger”. But how big? As big as humanly possible.
Few hours, and couple of pizza slices later, we made an agreement on 7 biggest, and most badass vehicles, that was driven on earth. And that was just the beginning. Real journey has just begun.
What separates us from others?
We didn’t want to just give you a SandBox, and leave you with it. We wanted to give you a meaningful purpose to play. Have you ever been thinking how much preparations is needed to send a space shuttle to ISS? Now you can check it.
We didn’t want to make things easier. It’s not our goal, to simplify things. We wanted to give you real experience, and we managed to do it. With full analog steering, and physics driven demolitions you can’t make stupid mistakes, or you will crash the machine - really expensive machine.
We didn’t want to just make a game, that people will complete and forget about it. We wanted to fascinate you about industrial machines, so we created digital 3D Machine Library - a place, where you can read and discover big world of biggest machines.
Why Unity?
Because we love freedom. To be able to do things, you couldn’t do anywhere else is the key for our game. Unity provides us with that possibility and we’re glad they do.