The Story Of Ahria
Published 5 years ago
Tales From The Past
  • The Past
Long time ago in the kingdom of Ahria, lived a wonderful king that had to little boys, the bigger named Dargur and the little one named Asdis. Asdis was always the favorite son because he was kind and a good prince but Dargur was very selfish, always thought that he was the best in everything and bullied other boys in the ancient kingdom of Ahria. The king always saw that little darkness in Dargur's heart and he try to keep that darkness out but it kept growing and growing. One day the king got sick and he needed to choose a new king, he picked Asdis as the new king and Dargur was disagree with the kings decision so he decide to take the kingdom by force so he try to use the darkness but Dargur lose control of the darkness and the king has to use the moonlight powers to try to safe the town but the power was so strong that he told Asdis to evacuate the island and find a new place to create a new Ahria. After Asdis arrived with part of the villagers there was a explosion and no one ever knew about the king and Dargur.
  • The Present:
A few years later Asdis start building the new kingdom of Ahria. One day Asdis went to the new Ahria's town and he pushed a woman by accident and he helped her and it was love at first sight, few months later the got married, and 9 month later a beautiful princess was born with a special gift, everyone was celebreting the birth of the beautiful princess Kaira, that day the king recieve a strange letter that said: 
" You don't remember me, but i remember you, wait for me, i'm going to claim what it was mine and the kingdom of Ahria will remain in the shadows for ever."
- D.
Asdis Ignored the letter thinking that it was only a joke, but few days later strange thing start passing by and the villagers was scared about it but they learn to live with that stuff because it wasn't so bad, the villagers thought that the things that happen to them was kids jokes so they started to ignore them. 
  • 16 years later:
Today the princess Kaira is turning 16 the king give her a wolf, a new bow, sword and shield and her tiara because she was big enough to accept the responsability of being a princess, that day strange things start happen again and the darkness started to consume the town until it got the castle, everyone was in a state of zombie, the only person that can be in the shadows was the princess and her wolf.
The princess need to take out the shadows in te region of Eydra to safe the people. The princess went on a journey through all the region taking down and helping the people of the diferent parts of the region, also she need to find the door of the world of darkness to confront her uncle and safe Eydra.
The End? :D
(The story will continue in other game)
Noa Garzon