The story behind Professor Why™: The Quantum Eye
Published 5 years ago
Investigative mission to the space base Muta
The beginning 
More than 470 light years from Earth, revolving around a red dwarf, there is a planet called Kepler 438b. Having the highest Earth Similarity Index (ESI) it became the destination of numerous scientific expeditions. In time, a base, under the name Muta, was founded on the planet’s surface, which turned into the largest facility researching Artificial Intelligence. This station was the objective of an expedition led by Professor Why, who, along with his crew of researchers, over 30 years ago designed there the basics of processing unit architecture. That resulted in creation of the supercomputer – CORE, which supported the exploration of Kepler 438b and supervised the other robots. It was also responsible for the communication with planet Earth.  
Then something unexpected happened...
Along with the development of CORE’s AI the communication with Professor Why’s crew began to gradually lessen and finally stopped. No one really knows what happened in Muta, what did the researchers found or whether CORE was involved in their disappearance… Nevertheless, there is a chance to find out the truth. There is one rebel that rose in opposition to CORE, and broke the code – it is PW-36X. Although we managed to successfully establish a communication link with it, a rescue mission on Kepler 438b is still necessary. You were chosen to perform this task.
Your mission 
What will you find there? What happened to the professor and his crew? Has CORE’s AI transformed into a civilization and eliminated human beings? To find answers to these questions you have to infiltrate the system created by the one who’s called CORE. 
Each level is a challenge - play, think and put an end to machine domination
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