The Quirky and Unexplainable
Published 4 years ago
Legrand Legacy Update !
As we have said before, one of the most creatively liberating things to design in Legrand Legacy is the monsters since they leave a lot of room for our imaginations to run wild and go a bit into crazy territory.
Sometimes we take inspirations from mythical beasts or animals in the wild. And sometimes… sometimes we don’t really have a good explanation for some of the quirkier monsters. Take the Akodki and Cullemerk. They just sort of… appeared out of nowhere!

Akodki - The Trap of Hyper Reality

Don’t be fooled by their cutesy and colorful appearance, what with the cute flower crown and pink mushroom umbrella. Once they put on all of their accessories, you will be trapped in the hyper reality realm of their psychedelic imagination!
Akodkis use their signature “potion of love” - an intoxicating scent that makes you fall in love with them - to attack their enemies. Love hurts, doesn’t it?
Here’s the 3D model for Akodki:

Cullemerk - The Quiet One

Cullemerks are giant polar monsters who are always misunderstood simply because of their giant stature and creepy smiley face. No other creature dares to talk to them, making them mostly lonely. They are also very individualistic and rarely socialize among themselves! Instead, they can often be found holed up in their own caves or strolling alone in the middle of the night as they try to find new painful ways to kill their enemies.
We heard through the grapevine that Cullemerk’s design was largely inspired by a drawing created by one of our designers based on a creature he (thought) saw in his own bedroom. So… yeah. Cullemerk is a weird one, huh?
Here’s the 3D model for Cullemerk: 
What do you think about these quirky monsters? Do you want more monsters such as these in the game? Let us know in the comments below!
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