The inspiration behind Beacon The Awakening
Published 2 years ago
How a bunch of teens started something awesome
We were and we are persuing our dreams, we started this project at age 16 and 17, about 3 years ago, with one goal in mind, create high quality videogames, a lot of studios have been created in our country: Mexico, but most, if not all, are developing small casual games, we didn't want that, we wanted to make something artistically beautiful.
Beacon The Awakening is a game about life and death, love and hate, fear and so much more human emotions, is our presentation letter to the world, is something really close to our hearts that we started developing with a lot of pasion, guided just with our love for videogames and art, we didn't know how to animate, let alone make, code and design games, but that didn't stopped us, we used all the talent that we had and ended up actualy learning how to do all of those things and much more.
We started developing this game in between classes during high school, with zero budget, using old and rusty equipment (that we are actually still using to this day) with no idea on how to even start, all of our expenses were taken care by sacrificing foods, or working part-time jobs, it was a painfully slow and difficult process, but after a year we started to get attention and constant rhytm of work, we composed a full original soundtrack, we bought recording equiment and record the entire thing by ourselfs using live performances by our two in-team composers, we got drawing tablets and made a bunch of animations, that at the time looked really awful, but our attention to detail made them look beautifull and high quality in the end.
the ambtion of our project was unheard of at least in our state, specially since at the helm of the project was a bunch of 17 year olds with bad school grades, so we got a bunch of attention in our city, sadly, we weren't fast enough, and ended up loosing a lot of the hype thanks to several months without a trailer, a screenshot or any other thing that gave a gllimpse of the game.
This has always been difficult for us, because our game is so special and abstract that we dont exactly know what we can share about it without spoling the experience for everyone.
Now, after 3 years, we are closer to the end than ever, our game is looking beautifull, we are really proud of what we are making, that's why we started to do all of the paperwork to get it published in all major devices, but since money has always been a problem, we are planning on launching a kickstarter to help us with the expenses.
this is our first real game, and that's why we are aiming as high as we can, we need to show everyone what we can do and try to make everyone feel what we feel. our game may end up being not the marvel that we intended to, but we are working as hard as we can and we are confident that in the end, our game will be a game with a lot of pasion, a lot of depth and will mean a lot for a lot of people, since it comes from a really deep and personal place, with te intention to reach people's deep and personal places.
Our love to the industry, to our families, to the ones that we loss in the process of makign this game and to our fans is what pushes us foward, things have been hard, but everything is compeltely worth it.
we hope that you'll give us a chance with this strange experience that we are making, we cannot wait to let you play our game.