The History of Dropple
Published 4 years ago
A Simple Game With Big Ambition
Dropple is a single player arcade game with lots of variations of characters as well as balls and a challenging gameplay. It had been developed and currently being updated by The Mascoteers, an Australian team of talented individuals who are dedicated to developing outstanding applications. Very recently, we got the authorization of Unity3d and got the opportunity to enlist our games in the official website and so we think it is high time to tell a little bit more about ourselves and also our games.
Who Are We, The Mascoteers?
'The Mascoteers' is a team of dedicated, creative and high potential people based in Melbourne and Dhaka with outstanding skills, instantiating innovative concepts, stunning design and clever development. We
 have enjoyed huge success in the last six months for our games reaching the top in both Apple and Android app stores.
To date, we have released over a dozen of games, which have all created a lot of interest, downloads and reviews encouraging us to keep creating games that people love. 
If you are searching for complexity in simplicity, Dropple is a clear choice for you. This arcade game has the ability to bind you in fun for hours after hours. You just have to build a series of staircases with the tap of your finger to prevent a bouncing ball from falling into the nothingness beneath. Sounds really simple right? That is the most amazing part of the game. You do not have to ponder too hard to be a master in this game.
All you need is focus and a quick reflex to put the staircases on time. Once you hesitate and take too long to place the step, your ball will bounce right off the edge of the stairway. Again, place the step too far off the sides, you will face the same fatality.
Why We Created Dropple?
We started making games for recreation, focusing on concepts that we, ourselves and people would love to play. With that view in mind, we launched our first game 360 Degree and within very short time, we discovered a huge demand and a lot of support for our game. Gradually, we became more and more enthusiastic and realized that we must proceed further in our way. Shortly after, we became interested in making  3D games and thus we released another well popular game Stairway. 
However, we had no intention to sit back and just watch the acceptance of our new game rather we decided to march further and further. Most amusing, as well as interesting thing is the idea of 'Dropple' came from a simple sketch that one of our members was drawing on a work day. It had a picture of a dropping ball and suddenly we decided, "Hey, why not Dropple?". Though it sounds really simple and unsophisticated, we still find it tremendously funny when we think of that small, little but precious moment.
A Little More On Dropple
Dropple is designed for patient gamers with skill and creativity to make split-second decisions under a constant pressure and make the ball bouncing as long as it is possible. A little challenging fact is that the ball is constantly picking up pace as it moves down the long, spiraling staircase and you have certainly got your hands full. 
What make the game more interesting is the unlockable balls, characters and achievements. The more your score up, the more exciting it becomes. One more fact that should be remembered while playing is collecting the gems. You can collect gems while bouncing off the stairs as well as watching the gift video. You can beat your opponents and check your position at the leaderboard. For versatility, the game supports 21 different languages.
Testing And Bug Fixing
For a lot of people, playing games all day every day might sound like the dream job. But for developers and testers, it can be quite grueling. Finding bugs, fixing glitches and working on the mechanics of games means checking them and rechecking them on multiple devices. And given how many devices are available in the market nowadays, that is certainly a lot of work!
After multiple builds, hours of testing and many changes in the game, we finally came out with polished product, which turned out to be a great success. Among us, who are the testers, can now proudly say that our hard work was well paid off.
What's Next?
We are always evolving our game to the next level and there is so much more to come. The current version of the game is pretty interesting but we do have further plans and ideas to explore with it. 
Some of these include different game modes and goals, balls that react different under different circumstances, new challenging achievements to unlock and extra visual enhancements etc.
The Mascoteers team would like to extend out thanks to our fans, reviewers and of course all the gamers out there. Without your help, we would not be in the position we are today.
As always, we encourage that you share any feedback or suggestions you may have based on your experience of our games. 
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