The Five Elements of ArmaGallant
Published 2 years ago
Introducing the Art of the Five Elements
Art from the continents.
The Art of ArmaGallant come from five distinct elements: valiant Water, ruthless Fire, mighty Earth, heroic Light, and merciless Dark. Their characteristics and war philosophies are indicative of their play styles and battle behaviors.
Piercing Seas of the Orient”
For Water, speed is the essence of life. Water believes that time is transient and reality is fluid – whoever is quickest to draw wins. The armies and magic of Water are thus defined by swiftness and quick action. To hit hard and flee quickly, like crashing waves, like passing storms, like fleeting hurricanes. Only a fool would stay for untold troubles.
Fire and Blood in the East”
Fire focuses on the realities of disorder – that all in life is chaos and anarchy. For Fire, there is no room for the weak-willed. War is life. Fire champions and spells are defined by their unquenchable thirst to wreck heavy damage on their foes, leaving nothing but charred ashes and dust in their wake. There is no mercy on the fiery battlefield.
Tribal Roots Run Deep”
Earth sees an intrinsic value in strength. Earth believes in the natural order of things, and seeks to stand strong in the face of oncoming adversity. Those of the Earth are imbued with a brute toughness and an entrenched vitality nourished from the life force of nature and all living things. Only the strongest roots survive.
The Light Heals”
Light places highest value in harmony and perfection, and sees itself as the guardian of justice and truth. Light seeks to protect and preserve itself and its allies. Those who are on the Light path are blessed with the divine abilities of regeneration and self-restoration. It is the truly righteous who will herald victory in war.
 “Darkness Spreads”
All living beings are vulnerable to the nightmares of fear and despair – the source of Dark’s power. Dark seeks to spread its corruption through its overwhelming hordes and nefarious magic. A haunting of death and dread follows the spread of Dark’s insidious shadows. Darkness engulfs, extinguishes, and ends all.
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