The Birth of Ologon
Published 5 years ago
Jumping into cell war concept
A few years ago I was a bit obsessed with the concept of Nano War, a small webgame by Benoît Freslon. I'm not even sure if that was the first game made with the idea of cell strategy combat, but I was amazed by the dynamics. A couple of years later I've figured that a great way for me to expand my gaming programming capabilities was to create my own cell game.
So I began design a game called Neon Wars, a 2D cell game based on geometric forms with a neon-like design. I didn't went very far on that since I had other interesting projects at the time, but in the end of 2014 I started to mess with a solar system model. While playing with this small project something hitted me. That's when I began to design Ologon (it was called 'Solar System Project' back then).
After I got the basic concept completed I called the rest of the team. I've already programmed a few basics and decided to show case it to them. We decided to try the idea out in a 4 days jam at my place. The ideas keep flowing from a basic space game to something with the likes of a space opera, and from that an entire universe designed. We began to get excited and the project grew in both size and ambition. We had compeling characters, a story line, amazing artwork and the idea was heading somewhere.
Soon Ologon came to be our main focus, but we mostly keept it hid from other eyes until we launched the Steam Greenlight and the IndieGogo page. The IndieGogo campaing was an expected failure, but the greenlight experience was an amazing win. The feedback was very positive and the game was greenlit in a matter of days.
This was how it began. Many things happend in the jam, many things happend before, during and after the Greenlight experience, and I bet there are still have many things to come.
And I'll be telling you all about it.
Pedro Dalcin, Programmer and Game Designer @ Young Mind Studios
Pedro Dalcin