The Art of Bruce Lee: Enter the Game - Animation and Character Design
Published 5 years ago
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How we brought the legendary martial artist's trademark moves, speed, and style to mobile
Released in November 2014, Bruce Lee: Enter the Game is one of Hibernum's most popular titles. It's an action packed side-scrolling beat 'em up that puts the martial arts legend's signature moves at your fingertips.
For the art team behind Bruce Lee, the biggest challenge was finding the right tone for the game, according to Studio Art Director, Serge Mongeau, and it all started with Bruce Lee’s iconic design.
"We wanted him to feel timeless and strong, while commanding respect," says Mongeau, "We explored many art styles—from edgy angular shapes to a blend of smooth curves with a bit of a Saturday morning cartoons vibe. Ultimately we went with a mix of accessibility and natural flow that would give us a lot of flexibility in terms of animation and visual effects."
Mongeau continues, "We then proceeded to the character sheets for the final Bruce Lee design. This is where we create every component that needs to be drawn to make sure that our character is expressive, and that we cover the full spectrum of animations. Once all the frames are drawn, we can create our puppet system and start animating away."
According to Mongeau, Bruce Lee's philosophy was a driving force behind the visual effects. "One Bruce Lee quote particularly stuck with us: Be like water. We wanted everything to feel impactful, yet very fluid. We used a mix of traditional animation and particle systems to provide smooth transitions."
Benoit Dupuis