Thanks all for support and final production step !
Published 3 years ago
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We would like to thank everybody for the support. We start the last step of the production with the final version of the game as goal 
:) !!!
The game’s release is planned for April, if some changes happen, you’ll be let it know during March. We’ll release the game when we consider it's finished. We will refine it as much as we like and especially that it offers the best possible experience for you 
During those next month, the Beta stays available on the website :, and will be soon available on Steam :
We thank you again to have joined us in this great adventure. We are very happy to have had many reportages, article and video about our game. Thank you all bloggers, journalists and youtubers !! Below, the whole of everything that has been published or broadcasted.
Reportage :
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Video :
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