Team’s Hidden Talents - Part 2
Published 3 years ago
Legrand Legacy Update !
Welcome to a new Legrand Legacy Kickstarter update! 
Before we get to today's content, we wanted to talk with you about something very important: The Fallen Gladiators of Legrand initiative! By becoming one of the Fallen Gladiators of Legrand, you'll get your name added to a plaque outside of the Arena where Finn fights for his life! On top of this you'll also receive a Kickstarter exclusive Fallen Gladiators of Legrand avatar!
How do you become part of the Fallen Gladiators of Legrand? It's very easy! All you need to do is raise your current pledge by £5 without changing your reward tier, and you're all set! Managing your pledge is very easy, as you can see below:
Step 1 - Click on the green "Manage your pledge" button at the top right of the page.
Step 2 - Click on the blue "Change your pledge" button on the next page.
Step 3 -  Increase your current pledge by £5 and do not change your reward tier. 
Step 4 - Click on the green Continue button you can see in the image above (next to where you just increased your pledge).
And that's it! After raising your pledge by £5, be sure to change your Kickstarter name to add "Fallen Gladiator of Legrand" to show your support!
Uwil Winata (Executive Producer/Lead Game Designer) and AJ Jonathan (Producer/Director/Audtio Director) are big fans of the Final Fantasy series, and there is one game in particular they're very fond of: Final Fantasy VIII. Nobuo Uematsu is a music legend, and his work in this entry is something that instantly grabbed their attention. 
One song in particular, which we're sure you're familiar with, definitely stands out from the rest: Eyes on Me. For today, we give you APERPLEA and their rendition of this classic. APERPLEA is AJ Jonathan (keys, beatbox, and vox) and Puspallia Panggabean (vocals), who together have performed in various jazz festivals around Indonesia.
We hope you have enjoyed this music video that we recorder especially for you. If you love Final Fantasy VIII, or if you feel... differently about the title, be sure to let us know in the comments below! Come share with us your memories from playing this JRPG:
Legrand Legacy