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Published 4 years ago
Legrand Legacy Update !
Hello everyone! It's time for a new Kickstarter update. Before we get right to it, we wanted to mention that thanks to your support and all the Facebook likes you've given us and by following us on Twitter, you've managed to reach two new Social Media Bonus Goals!
Monsters, lovely and dangerous monsters. There’s plenty of them in Legrand Legacy, and the team has been busy working on the design, look and lore for each one of them. Today we want to give you a glimpse of what makes two monsters in particular tick. As you’re about to see, some monsters have a truly gruesome and disturbing history – the kind of stuff that nightmares are made of.
Matakar - Incarnation of Begrudged Souls
Back in the old days, there lived a tribe that performed baby burying ritual as a sacrificial token to bring rain and prosperity. They used to bury young babies inside a cluster of sacred trees, thus trapping their innocent souls inside.
Centuries later, the tribe had gone and people forgot about their forsaken burial site. However, these trapped begrudged souls, who never got to taste life, evolved into sentient trees with multiple eyes and a thorny arm… and they seek to kill all adults, and eat human babies to keep themselves alive.
Here’s the 3D model for Matakar:
Ablumors – Not Part of This World Or The Afterlife 
Legend has it that spirits of the dead and tortured Norns never quite left their homeland of Finias. Instead, black magic and ancient rituals have trapped these poor souls in the body of blood-thirsty beasts that are not part of this world or of the afterlife. When you think about it, if you end up killing them you are actually doing them a favor.
Here’s the 3D model for Ablumors:
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