SpaceFuss: we made every mistake possible
Published 2 years ago
This will be really short story. And I am apologize for broken english (it's not my native language)
So, our team contains 3 friends, and we making EVERY mistake possible on our gamedev way.
First of all, we released an paid game for android :)
It was a simple idea, to make a game with the soul for a platform, where 99% of content soulless. And the second part of the plan was even more "genius"  - let's make a community in russian social network! We will discuss every step of game development with the community, and in the end will have good friends instead of just players!
We wanted to complete SpaceFuss within 3 months, but it took us 2.5 years...
To be completely honest - it wasn't full time job. It was more about 8-12 hours a week.
But anyway! We almost gone crazy.
At the end of development, we decided to port SpaceFuss on PC.
Thanks to 8000 people in community - we flew through steam greenlight.
But game was a mobile port. Even my parents noticed that, and they don't know what "port" means.
So, in the end we have a game with complicated core mechanic, where you have to concentrate and think... but with fun art, like it is an action adventure.
Actually, second part of the "genius" plan worked, and community helped us very much - game have pretty good stats on android. Sadly, not so good on steam... but its understandable.
And now we making new game - directly for PC.
If you have any questions - you are welcome. I will be happy to talk :)