Softlaunching the game on iOS
Published 2 years ago
Yet another Soft Launch in Canada
Why is everybody always picking Canada as a Soft Launch territory?
Well, first of all, there are alternatives. Second of all, the answer is quite simple. Canada is a market very similar to the most important market in the Western world, the U.S.
And in addition, people in Canada speak English (mostly!), so if that is your default language, you can avoid having to localize your game during Soft Launch.
Which obstacles did we face in the app submission process with Apple?
Technically speaking, there was a problem with the iTunes Uploader included in Apple's Xcode, which always aborted. Exporting the build into an archive (IPA) and then using Application Loader to upload to iTunes worked like a charm.
One obstacle when submitting an App to iTunes is the many check boxes one has to check. A tricky one can be the one about "Advertising Identifiers" (IDFA). Yes, the one with the 4 check boxes! If you are using Unity Ads or another Ad provider, I have to answer the check box with yes. But I don't. However the Backend Service I use also makes use of the device identifier to create persistent guest accounts. It took some research to find out that there is a difference between IDFA and IDFV and backend services usually make use of the later one.
Did we pass submission?
Yes, it all went well and after about 24 hours we were approved and are now live in Canada! :-)
What more is there to tell?
I do like to write and to document, so I tracked every single task and problem encountered in the project dilegently. As I go forward, I hope to share more useful fragments of my development experience and the pragmatic solutions to the problems I faced.
Always happy to hear your feedback and answer your questions!
Florian Graf