So going to make a game.....
Published 4 years ago
O really?....YES!
So in summer 2015 Unity 5 went out and me, myself and I went to do some search about it. Stumbled upon space shooter tutorial and started to watch it. So while watching it I was like: " But how on earth am I going to do anything with no programming knowledge?" That was in April if i recall correctly. One month later I was really bored and decided to check that tutorial again. Watching it, watching it....for couple of weeks....Then it was like I was Neo from Matrix: " I know C#!" :D So slowly i began to write and understand those lines of code and what goes where and why. One year later I have finished 3 levels for Space Route  x7 with implemented upgrades, on-line scores, adds ( :D ), entire game mechanics so only graphics is remained to do. Some help was gained from asset store as there are really some impressive assets just waiting to be grabbed and thrown into the project to save time! Also one year later I am really confident in what am I doing, all thanks to Mr. Adam Buckner and his great tutorial. Unity is superb game engine which is really open to people interested in learning and creating great content for players worldwide and device wide. Btw I am/was only a graphics guy.....So Space Route x7 should be homage to old shmups with graphics as I wanted to see back then when playing them on top PC, arcade machines....I was inspired by all of them old shmups with little bit of story-line which follows the game. 
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