Shapur - A City for the Exiled
Published 2 years ago
Legrand Legacy Update !
Happy Sunday! After a great weekend so far, Legrand Legacy is now over 50% funded! This is thanks to all of the new backers who have now pledged to the Kickstarter, as well as because of all the backers who have raised their pledge to a reward tier with physical rewards after checking out Friday's update. Now it is time to aim at 60% funded and beyond!
For today’s Kickstarter update for Legrand Legacy, we want to talk a bit about the city in the North. Finn's adventure begins as he is hired to guard Geddo as they make their way across the Rahas Desert and back to Shapur, where Eris, his sick daughter, currently resides. Let's now take a look Shapur, Eris's and Geddo's hometown!
Shapur is a safe haven for the poorest and most unsavory citizens of Legrand. Because of this, the city is usually avoided by most travelers unless one has urgent business there. In spite of Shapur's notoriety, Geddo decides to make a new home for his family here because his original birthplace has been destroyed.
Citizens of Shapur live modestly in this settlement that is hidden in a spacious desert cave. Over the years, Shapur's citizens have established a bustling illegal market which does end up attracting quite a number of visitors on the site who come from all over Legrand as they try to not draw too much attention to themselves. 
What kind of shenanigans await Finn and the gang in Shapur? What do you think of this small hidden city? Leave your comments below!
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