Serving Up a Casual Game
Published 4 years ago
Interview with Senior Design Artist Teresa Huang
Tell us about the conception of the game
The original concept we had was to let the players have a sense of taking care and feeding a virtual pet, and some more, and we ended up with this game. In Serve Up! Bagel and Friends you play mini games to feed the animals, finding ingredients to feed and level them up and collect all the different types of animals you like.
Why mix food with animals?
Everybody enjoys eating delicacies and we want cheerful animals in our game.
Main character Bagel transforming from dough into his final bagel form
Tell us about the art style and your inspirations for the game
From the art design perspective, we wanted an art style that feels like a children's book illustration. We experimented with a few color schemes and ultimately settled for bright warm colors with simple outlines to highlight the personalities and characteristics of individual animals. To come up with the ideas for the animals we collected a lot of references on animals as well as food dishes (which makes me hungry all the time). Our most popular characters from Serve Up are the 3 Shiba Inu (Japanese dog breed) siblings, they are similar looking siblings but I wanted to give them each a vastly different personality. The idea came from naughty preschool children; the black Shiba Inu has a serious looking face, the white dog loves to day dream while the red Shrimp Sushi Dog is the naughtiest of them all, and could be a good friend to our main character Bagel, which obviously is a combination of Bagel and Dog.
Tell us about the design of the User Experience
Right from the beginning of the project we wanted to focus on bringing the players an easy casual gaming experience, and we focused on using a simple and easy to pick up control scheme. Ultimately we ended up with simple clicking, for feeding animals, and swiping for getting rid of the monsters. We wanted players to have fun in our game and an easy to pick up and low learning curve control is immediately our priority. We hope even people with busy schedules will find some time for a few games of Serve Up! Bagel and Friends everyday.
Anything else you want to share with our readers?
This is our first game using Unity, from concept art to sprite animation, adding special effects (particles) and ultimately turning into a complete product. This is truly an interesting and challenging journey for us. We invite everyone to experience Serve Up! Bagel and Friends and give us feedback, we are always looking for ways to improve on player experience in our games.
  • About the game: Serve Up! Bagel and Friends is a casual game about little animals playing with tiny little food. The goal of Serve Up is simple, feed the animals with food ingredients until they puff into food! Players collect power-ups to advance their game and are rewarded coins which could unlock new animals to use in the game.
  • About Teresa Huang: Veteran Game Artist. After completing her graduate studies in Digital Medium on Chinese Traditional Art she worked as a wedding consultant until she realized drawing is life and decided to join Pocket Software so she can draw everyday. She currently works at Pocket Software as a Senior Design Artist.