Published 5 years ago
Off-road driving
You are not heading for school or work today. You leave the highway, forget the civilization, set direction for the wilderness in your monster truck. In SandRace you leave the beaten track, explore the freedom and find your new direction. 
“SandRace off-road driving” targets FUN as its core gameplay. Difficult enough for skilled gamers, easy enough to glue 5-year-old kids to the screen. SandRace delivers engagement and hours of nonstop entertainment. The game has been in the making for about 6 months, and it doesn’t follow a predefined concept. There is trial and error, and the game design loop is simple: If it works, it lives on – if it doesn’t work, it just fades out.
The core concept is an endless runner with a dynamically loading scenery, like a desert with its sand dune maze, every place feels familiar – but you never find back. Go to the left, to the right, forward or turn back, wherever you want – but drive smart. Don’t waste your fuel, stay alert and avoid traps and dangers. Avoiding bombs is not enough, the bomb will seek you! Timing your manoeuvres is essential, skillfully maintain the momentum! The third-person view gives you the overview and distance to scan for fun or danger.
Compete or cooperate with your best friend on the same device at the same time! This split-screen multiplayer will make this game a favourite choice with a friend. Single play or double play, the second player can jump in and out at any time, without ruining all the fun.
SandRace has 3 to 5 monster trucks and offroad cars. Each car has power-jump and nitrous boosts, gamers can also try their skills at performing donuts, wild jumps and get insane rewards. See the sun changing scenarios from day to night, or enjoy your shining car splashed down by mud and dust.
Included is also hill climbing where the cars have to climb crazy steep sand dunes sharper than 45 degrees. Interact with obstacles ahead by directly tapping them on the screen to change them!
The game is currently being developed for Windows PC, Android, and Web. Finishing date is set to February 2017 (but the quality trumps timescedules). The game will be free to play, while a few goodies will be available for in-game purchase.