Rungdahl – The Troubled One
Published 4 years ago
Legrand Legacy Update !
As part of our Kickstarter Social Media Bonus Goals, we promised to include a new recruitable NPC to help you rebuild Dumville Castle. Today, we thought we'd let you have a sneak peek at Rungdahl!
Originally a  priestess from the Maeshapolis Monastery, Rungdahl has an uncanny ability to discover many valuable things. From precious rare gems to powerful potions and exotic spices from faraway land, she always seems to know exactly what everyone needs and precisely where to find them. 
Some say she is blessed with the "gift of sight" enabling her to track down any uncommon items in Legrand. Some some chalk it up to her tenacious attitude and charming ability to extract the necessary information out of practically anyone.
However, Rungdahl has broken a sacred law by having an intimate relationship which is strictly forbidden and resulted in her banishment from the Monastery. With nothing else to fall back on, she travels to Dunabad with her lover to start a new life together. Since then, she has felt a deep sense of dissatisfaction and unhappiness as her lover's true malicious intents finally come to the surface. 
Here's the 3D model for Rungdahl:
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