Rune Rising
Published 3 years ago
A Story of Rising and Falling

About Us

We are a Team of six 1st Semester students at the Games Academy in Berlin. We met at a Boot Camp for games and were inspired to create Rune Rising.

The Team

Attila Szenczi-Molnar - Game Design, Production & Animation
Lisa Ehmer - 2D Art & Animation
Josia Schwarz - 3D Art & 2D Art
Julian Bragagna - 2D Art
Markus Bohnert - Developer
Marco Zahner - Developer
Wintersemester 2016-2017
Games Academy

About Rune Rising

A Story of Rising and Falling
Rune Rising is an Action-Shooter and Platformer that combines 2D and 3D elements set in a dark, mysterious, and mythical cave. It sets the Player into an exciting and dramatic fantasy narrative and gameplay experience with looming dark enemies and illustrative cut-scenes.The Player plays as Shie, a female archer, who´s goal is to climb out of the hole into which she fell. Shie must fight against creature enemies, overcome obstacles with her bow-and-arrow, collect the Rune Keys which unlocks the Rune Doors that lead her eventually to the Earth´s surface.
In an attempt to escape from a rabid bear, Shie slips and falls into a dark abyss in the middle of the jungle. She screams but there is no one there to help her! Splash! Shie lands in a pool at the bottom of a massive sink hole hundreds of meters below the surface. Miraculously, Shie survives! With nothing but a bow and the arrows in her quiver she must now find a way out. But what lurks in the shadows are not the only things standing in her way!
 The Player ascends through a series of levels; solving puzzles in order to advance, and engaging in battles against dark and hidden enemies, waiting for the right moment to attack you! Fight back with your Bow! 
The team wanted to focus on creating a truely unique visual narrative with an archery mechanic. To shoot your arrow takes focus. Hold down the shoot button (left trigger on Xbox Controller) to enter into the aiming mode. Aim in the direction you want to shoot using the Right Joystick. Then release to shoot your arrow in the direction you aimed. You won´t be able to move while you are in aiming mode. So find a safe place to attack your enemies, if you can! 
We at Deadline Studios are excited and adament in developing Rune Rising to the finish! The Unity Engine is the perfect tool for us to utilize in this development; making use of the powerful Unity Animator and minimizing our code load. The environment is flexible and set with triggers to unlock interesting ways out of the cave.  
For more information please visit our project website @
Also, take a look at our Teaser Trailer on YouTube!
Thank you for your consideration! And we look forward to having you play Rune Rising!
-Deadline Studios Team
Games Academy
Berlin, Germany
Attila Szenczi-Molnar
Student of Game Design / Art