Royal Bureaucrat Roland
Published 3 years ago
Legrand Legacy Update !
Welcome to a new Kickstarter update! Before we dive into today's update, we wanted to thank you for helping us to reach over 500 backers for the first 48 hours of the campaign! This is a great milestone to reach in only two days, and it also unlocks a new bonus goal for the game:
If you joined us from the beginning, then you probably have met most of Legrand Legacy's characters. Here's a summary of all the characters we have introduced so far:
In this update, we want to present you to another fine member of the Legrand Legacy ensemble: Roland!
Roland may not be as burly as his brother Gunther, but he definitely has more brains to make up for it. Since young, Roland has preferred reading rather than sword fighting or horse riding. As a result, he has developed a keen sharp mind, capable enough for running domestic affairs within the kingdom and worthy of leading an army from the war council table. However, Roland often lets his intelligence get in the way. He looks down on those who are not as smart as him and generally treats people like a dispensable commodity.
Here is the 3D model for Roland.
What do you think about Roland? Who's your favorite character so far? We'd love to hear from you so please leave us a comment below!
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