Road to GDC: Osiris: New Dawn, Survival on a Planetary Scale
Published 3 years ago
Survival on a Planetary Scale

Immersion Uncompromised

Osiris: New Dawn is a near future space survival adventure. Stranded and alone in a distant solar system, nothing here cares about you. Space doesn’t agree with you. And the worst horrors come out at night.

The Relentless Cycle of Improvement

After working in games for 17 years you learn to find comfort in the chaos of constant uncertainty. The endless depths of each features possibilities, the way they somehow fit together, and the grand vision for the whole thing. I’m glad we don’t have to go it alone, and I’m thankful for our players who want the same thing we do. Osiris has a huge feature set, and since its earliest versions we’ve been focused on building in stages from the middle out, and continuously improving iterations.

To Fear It you must Feel It

Vulnerability, the feeling that you might not make it out alive, is a complexity that requires a sense of disbelief. Long periods of deep immersion are the best times to spring a surprise encounter seemingly out of nowhere. Graphics help take us there, and we’re using a lot of the new Unity 5.5 goodies to take it even further.

Weather and Lens FX

SSAS, AO, DOF, and Light Scatter

Volumetric Clouds and Atmospherics

This is only the Beginning

With such amazing subject matter in the sci-fi genre to explore, we feel we’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible for Osiris. Armed with our community of players feeding us invaluable feedback we feel the best is yet to come - explore new worlds, build giant space stations, discover strange alien creatures, and unravel mysteries deep underground. Who knows what you might find, if you can survive.


Fenix Fire and publishing partner Reverb Triple XP will be at the GDC Expo March 1-3 demonstrating Osiris: New Dawn as the Unity booth as part of the Made with Unity Showcase.
You can download Osiris: New Dawn on Steam and check out Osiris on Twitter and Facebook.
Brian McRae