Rise of Factions: SPARTA
Published 4 years ago
We did a thing!!
It has been a very tough and stressful but also a very exciting 6 months for us here at PolyInteractive Games. 
However, we are proud to say that we are happy enough to release our game onto the Google play store. This is where the real hard work begins!
There is still so much to do and prepare for, we will be doing weekly updates to the game as well as working on the Persian expansion which will be out this summer along with the game coming to iOS and other platforms. 
We have some huge plans to bring to this Rise of Faction series like augmented reality and multiplayer. which we are very excited for.
We are already planning the next title in the series and have some great features in mind which we can't wait to show off.
We have learned so much while on this journey in the games industry and within ourselves as developers. We will take the experience with us to the next title and so on and really push the boundaries of mobile gaming and innovative technology. 
We thank all those who have shown support along the way! in the end were doing this to create fun content for you guys. so from the dev team, we thank you all. 
Alex Curtis
Creative Director - Executive