Published 5 years ago
Reviewing your work and adapting to circumstances
Usually, we tend to think that once a piece of work is over, its over. It's quite a displeasant feeling to have this finished work on your hands again for alterations. However, that's a unspoken rule amongst designers, that almost every work will require at least some tweaks after "finished".
That's why people tend to separate UX from UI. And that's where I get my two cents, that there shouldn't be a single difference between both, as any kind of interface depends solely on its purpose, the person behind it. People can be deceiving, human beeing thnk they actually know what's best for them, but, in fact, they know very little, if not, nothing at all. We, who design interfaces for them knows even less, meaning we have to get our intel really nicely.
If our user knows nothing (as the famous character of a certain famous tv series), how can we know anything at all? That's where experience from the X in UX comes from. We run tests and tests, see what works and what doesn't work, get rid of any prejudice and personal opinions and get facts straight. That's the only way the UI will benefit from a good EXPERIENCE design.
And then, we get to the "finished work" again along with a huge list of changes and that's how we ge frustrated and die a little from inside. However, once we get past the rebuilding phase and get results from all the experiencing, all that effort is paid. And that's what UI and UX designers should be aiming for.
Designing Ologon's interface, I got everything beautifully organized and sized for the ideal resolution. Got the icons right, the gauges and boxes, everything in place. Then we got to unity, where I got into my nerves composing every piece of interface I'd designed in photoshop before. And then....well, we noticed we had to get all the elements smaller and less spaced...we also had to find a way to change some icons and all that work on the interface was open for rebuilding. That's how I got myself writing this article, I hope it enlightens your ideas and make sure you guys know that all design pieces work from experience. See you guys.
Pedro Dalcin