Project BUDS . DevLog 9
Published 4 years ago
The Bad One
I always write these DevLogs in a stream of consciousness kinda way. It means writing these is a fairly speedy affair and most of the work is in recording gifs. But that means if it’s one of those days where nothing’s coming out (not eloquently at least), the DevLog is going to suffer.
It’s one of those days. Prepare for the shortest and most poorly written one yet.
Or, you know, just skip it.
This Week
More research into things like sociology frameworks, the five factor model and some other stuff. I’ve also been taking a deeper look into Studio Ghibli as it’s a great example of a studio that creates works that powerfully resonate with various cultures by always focusing on a few key things.
This documentary was particularly helpful.
Researching, sketching and writing google docs is well and good but there is definitely a feeling of being away from implementation for too long.
I’ve been using unity for a long time but there are always things I’m not familiar with, mostly because I didn’t need to use them yet. So it’s interesting to me when a seemingly simple mechanic requires me to learn something new. How do you create and manage a dynamic number of children of a GameObject? Enter ArrayLists.
Made a test following a set path:
And one with random locations:
And look who’s back. I like how the AI is like “so what am I supposed to do here?”
Next Week
Time to shift the focus back towards implementation.
I guess that’s a DevLog… Sorry, better one next week.
For more updates keep an eye on the twittervese.
Ricardo Toureiro
Independent Game Developer