Project BUDS . DevLog 6
Published 4 years ago
The Good, the Bad and the Silly
If I had a producer, this week I may had been fired.
Okay, slight exaggeration there but, with some life issues and some questionable use of my time, this was by far the least productive week yet.
On the other hand, if I had a marketeer, he/she would be pretty happy with this week.
The Good
I know the prototype I’m going to take to next Friday’s event and it’s going to be quite different from the last one.
I spent Tuesday playing Flow, Flower, Journey and Hohokum, things I haven’t done in a while. They are some of my biggest influences for this game and reminded me of how important it is to have a good moment-to-moment game feel. Since I’m probably not going to figure out (much less implement) the overall structure of the game in time for the event, I figured I’d focus on making progress on that aspect of the game and see how people react.
It’s a bit tricky – A good game feel is often the result of a lot of iteration, not something you conjure up in a week. I would love to see people play the game not caring for objectives or trying to puzzle out what to do next. If I am to get a chance to achieve that, I’m going to need to put in some serious hours of work next week.
Sorry world, Ricardo is unavailable. May I please take a message?
The Bad
This isn’t 100% accurate;  it doesn’t account for time spent working on the train or waiting for appointments. But it illustrates how little time was dedicated to game development this week.
The Silly
What happens when one friend is disappointed by the lack of color in the screens above and another makes a 2001 Space Odissey Rave joke?
This happens:
And have you seen the new Thumper trailer?
I was experimenting with some super mellow gameplay and then, shortly after seeing the trailer, it started seeping into my game:
And shortly after that: PROJECT BUDS – BLOOD DRAGON
So, that was a thing.
Next Week
Engaging panic mode and making the prototype for Friday’s event.
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Ricardo Toureiro
Independent Game Developer