Pre-Alpha - UI / Pathing / Assets
Published 2 years ago
Dev Log #02
It has been another busy week at the PolyInteractive Games studio here in Liverpool since we officially started our pre-alpha development. 
Also we are still in the middle of outfitting our studio with the equipment needed to have the full team working efficiently. 
We are aiming to have our first in house build ready for testing and blanacing in the next couple of weeks.
Base Texture Test
Last week I started to test out some base textures, a clay texture layered with paint to use across all assets in the game. Also testing out different texture resolutions, for now we are sticking with a low 1k (1024X1024) texture to see how the performance is affected. 
This is just a base texture for the detailed texture to overlay on top to get the pottery paint effect. 
UI (User Interface)
The 2D Artists Dan Turner and KK have been working on a whole new UI/GUI to be more efficient for smaller mobile platforms. 
All UI/GUI templates will be made for pre-alpha ready for our build, then over the next few weeks they will be replaced with 2D Sprites. 
(Above) [Template] little sneak peak at the Infantry Unit selection screen. Units with attributes.
3D Artists have been modelling the standard greek artillery ready to rain hell down on the enemies of Sparta!. The spartans will initially start with 17 units to unlock and use in the grand campaign, not including the hundreds of enemy units. We have plans to create additional units in the near future giving the players more tactical choices and elite warriors to deploy. 
(Above) Greek Scorpion (Fixed), Greek Scorpion (Mobile), Greek Onager, Giant Ballista. Helots for size reference.
Pathing / Navmesh
Our Lead Programmer Adam Goss has been making great progress with the combat system and more recently the pathing for the units so they stay fixed within the lanes using a navmesh. 
Adam has also been working closely with the artists on the tile system and level design. 
(Above, Below) Tiles and lane system with navmesh.
Again thank you very much for taking your time to read this developer log.
We are all working very hard every day to create this game for your entertainment.
Stay tuned for next weeks blog.
- PolyInteractive Games dev team
Alex Curtis
Creative Director - Executive