Pine - January Recap: Sequencing Species
Published 4 years ago
We share another summary of the past month of development on Pine, our action adventure game that evolves with you. This month we wanted to focus on implementing a lot of assets and making sure we could sequence (control) all organisms on Albamare.
After a busy start of the year, we want to look back at what we did in the past month and how things are progressing with Pine.
For this month, we set the goal of implementing as much of the previously made assets into the engine as possible, to resume testing of new gameplay elements and, moreover, advance the work on the trailer that’s coming in February.

1. We’ve been working on a lot of environment art to bring Albamare’s nature to the next level.

The trees wave better in the wind and have more detail, and we’ve expanded our collection of rocks for caves and mountain cliffs. We’ve also molded our mountains to be more functional (more flat walkable space in the base mesh, rather than us painting it in the terrain all the time), while keeping the silhouette of the old mountains.
The ground textures of Albamare are also vastly important, so we went on to work on a few new ones, among which the beach sand:
With an all-important corresponding basic water shader, of course:

2. As always, we’ve been working a lot on the inhabitants of Albamare, the species and critters.

While we’re sticking to the Fexel and Krocker as the main species we work on at the moment, we are adding a bird and textured the Mannoth to advance life on the island a bit more.

3. A lot of lighting research and tests.

We’ve managed to put our own terrain inside Unity’s lightbaking pipeline, which greatly enhances the lighting of objects in the scene.
We’re experimenting with good lighting setups in general to get great results, while combining all of this with day and night cycles and proper atmospheric scattering.


4. Working on a much-requested feature: the bow!


5. One of our main focuses has been on a huge system with which we can create cutscenes, static sequences and more: the Pine Sequencer.

With this, we can make organisms move to a certain location, at a certain speed, and perform actions. We do this by playing animations and setting actions on a timeline.
The trailer we are currently building is also made with this system. We have a bunch of cameras that we can play in succession, and in a few non-gameplay shots we can make the organisms play a certain animation at a certain time, while their normal logic can remain active.

6. We setup an IndieDB page, where you can follow our blogs with RSS and even some bonus content!

Check it out at:

7. Lastly: a Greenlight page is underway!

Stay tuned in the upcoming month too.
Things are going well. We’re making steady progress on the groundwork, making sure we can start making a lot of great content soon. There’s a plethora of ideas, and we can’t wait to put them in the game and show them to you.
That’s it for January – big things coming up for us! The Kickstarter and Greenlight campaign are definitely exciting, and we hope we can excite as many as you as possible for the game we’ve come to love so much in the past year.
Thanks for your interest and support,
The Pine team