Our main protagonist is you
Published 4 years ago
But it is also Edlen
During the making of Ologon: Edlen's Wrath, we decided to challenge ourselves a bit on what is concerned to Halley Edlen, the protagonist. We created several portraits of different genders and races for the player to choose the one as closely as possible to himself, reassuring the feeling of ownership a protagonist craves for. But at the same time, Edlen is already a deep character in the lore, with connections, friends, enemies, a tale on his name, which we intend to explore further to create a really rich universe.
But how to tell a tale of a character without defining his looks? Without saying if such character is a man or woman? How to write lines and more lines of dialogues and scene description without slipping a "his fleet" or "her soldiers"? As a child, I was never fond of reading, until I've read Harry Potter. I've read that book so many times, that I were able to quote every dialogue for years. And I also noticed that I imagined myself as the main protagonist, even though we were nothing alike, aside the fact we were both boys. Only when I met a girl friend that was also in love with the book that I found out that it wasn't as easy for her to imagine herself in the shoes of the protagonist, since every time a "boy who lived" was shout, some of the magic faded for her. From that moment onward I always wondered myself how hard would it be to write an amazing tale with an amazing character without saying how he looks, or even if its a he or a she. Now I know.
Games with compelling narrative are a new step of the storytelling, from mouth to mouth, to book, to movies and series and now to interactive story. And as with its predecessors, games have advantages and flaws of its own. It is up to the writer and the team backing him up to exploit those advantages and beat the flaws in order to deliver an amazing story, where anyone can fully immerse itself for as long as possible.
We hope to be that team.
-Eduardo "Garland" Mello, Lead Writer @ Young Mind Studio
Pedro Dalcin