Our first adventure
Published 3 years ago
Zampa Cubes is our first game
Cosmic Works Studios born in December 2015. Three young game lovers wanted their dream come true, make games. But all started years ago in a game development course when two programmers met two designer. "Why don't we try?" But wasn't the time. Two years later, the group got smaller, but not less enthusiastic. That wast the exact time. One of each groups started on an idea and that was how Zampa Cubes was born. We worked hard for five moths, learning, improving, trying...
We learned a lot, not just in game development, but in arts, marketing, comunication, programming... As the time goes by, the dream came so real...
Now, we are proud to say that the studio grew up a lot. The studio started with a programmer, an art designer and a musician, and now we are; a programer, two art designers, a musician and a marketing and web designer hard workers.
Cosmic Works now has tons of ideas, projects and work to do, but the first steps were made.
The sky is the limit!
Alberto Blanco
Cosmis Works Studios. Gamming Passion! - Owner