One man Game, One man Company
Published 4 years ago
The history of one man with big dreams
From my early days with computers, I was fascinated with creating digital drawing without having any skill to do it, but it was never impossible. As I grew older, curiosity about the designs and images I saw on television and in the movies, was increasing because I wanted to know how they were created and someday take my imaginations to something that could be seen by others. When it came to choosing a university degree, I opted for computer science, believing that what I had wanted from childhood could be realized, even if I was wrong. Computer science does not study graphic design, but because I chose to study computer science I was able to enter the world of gaming and intertwine both careers, programming and design.
When I graduated from college, I had no intention of devoting myself to programming all my life, and did not look for work. But after a few years, out of necessity I decided to take this course, which took me to where I am now. At the moment I work for a private company that does not dedicate neither the design nor the gaming, but it was here where I returned the desire to create digitally, and I started with simple applications, until entering to create mobile games.
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That's where Clash Of Ricans came from, my biggest creation, since I had only made two simple games in 2D but my biggest challenge was to create something great, something that would fill me with satisfaction. I started looking for game engines that made it easier for me to create what I had in mind, since I had no knowledge and I'm not an expert in video games, but I have a virtue, and that is what I want to learn, I'll going to learn. So I found Unity and I went to the task, difficult task since it is only me who was going to create a whole game without the knowledge and without the help of someone with experience, and unfortunately, in the little time that I had left. Look for a tutorial, which maybe all Unity novices use, but I did not want to do the same thing as the others, I wanted to take it to another level. Then use a theme that was present in my country and seek to bring a thinking and a method of expression to a video game, something that had never been done in my country. And all this together was what allowed me to create what is my first 3D judo, Clash Of Ricans.
Hope you can enjoy!
Juan C Maldonado Berríos
Programmer Analyst