One Creator and One Adventure
Published 4 years ago
An Unknown Journey
I knew I could do it...
I have a younger brother who started taking a game class at the University and he mentioned to me that his class was using Unity.  After a short discussion with him about it I learned that Unity now was offering the person edition for free.  I thought that was great because a couple years previously I had looked into Unity and decided that I wasn't going to spend a lot of money on something I had no idea I was going to like or be worth the effort.
I downloaded it right away once I learned about the personal edition.  I had used a couple lower end game engines a couple months back when I was learning about game design, but only dabbled in it for a week or two. 
From the second I had Unity installed I started building some terrain and adding rocks and trees.  It was awesome!  I don't code C# one bit, but for some reason I felt like it wouldn't matter.  I have a designer background creating graphics, websites, motion videos etc and have used a bunch of software.  So for me Unity was another piece of software I had to learn to tackle.  I spent a couple days building up a map and had a vision in mind for my awesome game!  I wanted to build a 3D open world game with awesome visuals to match top notch quality.  I had no idea what I was really getting into and had no idea of the time it would take to create such a master piece, or how complicated it would become later down the line!  But those thoughts never crossed my mind because I was having so much fun building my map!
I created my wonderous golden gloss textures (above image is the current game, not what I first built)
After I couple days I had a small open world map built up and I wanted to see what happened when I pushed play.  Keep in mind, I had never used Unity before and honestly didn't know "anything."  I pushed play and..... compiler errors!  My first thought was uh oh, how do I fix this???  I just spent two days working on this!  I could probably do this same thing now in a fraction of the time.  I had 999+ errors, LOL.  I downloaded some assets from some random website and that's what was breaking everything.  Long story short, I scrapped that piece of compiler error project and started a new game, but this time I was determined not to make the same mistake!!!
(above image is the current game, not what I first built)
This new game, the same one I'm working on now, the same game which is now currently ranked in the top 50 games on Steam Greenlight, is the game I started that day, which I call Ruction: The Golden Tablet.  Needless to say, I didn't make the same mistake I made that first time, but have learned an enormous amount since.
I had a vision and I had a goal, and I had no idea that this game would be a full blown piece of beautiful wonder, lol.  I had heard about the Unity asset store and decided to check that out.  I'm extremely glad I did because that has been a powerhouse tool in developing my game.  I figured since I couldn't code I had to get some good assets to help me with what I was doing.  After spending quite some time figuring out what assets I thought I needed, I got some and made my way to my goal.
I created my UI using Unity's game jam system on the asset store!
I discovered that support for an asset was extremely valuable for me and was a major part in choosing what I wanted.  My game is a dialogue based adventure game where you take part in conversations, complete and keep track of objectives, find treasures and explore new areas. 
This is one of the areas in Ruction: The Golden Tablet
I was making 1-3 backups a day since I didn't want to lose any work and didn't want to make the same mistake I made when I started.  A couple weeks into it I opened up my game and everything was gone.  The empty gut feeling and astonishment set in....  Had I deleted it accidentally?  Where was it?!!!  Of course I frantically looked online for answers and in the end I couldn't figure out what happened.  BUT BEHOLD!  I had made a backup!!!  I lost a few days work, but I loaded it up and started the journey once again.  Remember, I had never used Unity before and had a seriously learning curve to figure out.  After working on this game every day for the last four months, I will definitely say it has been fun, challenging and an enormous amount of work!  I was counting my forums post the other day and I think I managed to get out 300+ posts, comments and questions to help me get to where I am now.  That's a lot of posting in the time I've been working on this.
This shot below is an in game example of one of the viewing pleasures of Ruction: The Golden Tablet.
I created in game conversations that had me thinking on my A game where I had to cover every possible situation to make it work!
All in all, four months later I created by myself (with an enormous amount of help from the online community in which I am extremely grateful for) a fully built 3D open world adventure game which is now on Steam Greenlight (is now greenlit) currently ranked in the top 50 games.  It's still a work in progress and it's almost done!  This has been an adventure in which I am glad I engaged in, and I would encourage others to give it a shot and follow their passions as well!
Steam Greenlight: Ruction: The Golden Tablet
After thousands of votes and 18 days later, Ruction: The Golden Tablet has now been greenlit by the community!
Thanks Unity!
Steam Greenlight: Ruction: The Golden Tablet
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