On The Ground at EGX
Published 5 years ago
Now in its eighth year, UK games show EGX is growing into something of a giant. Organized by the team behind games website Eurogamer, it's a place where the public, veteran game makers and rising dev stars alike rub shoulders and share games. And in the huge halls of the show, developers using Unity to power their games put on a strong showing.
Below are Unity games spotted at the recent EGX 2015 so far. Take a look and you'll see some familiar names, as well as a few gems you might not have heard of. Check out as many as you can, whether you're looking for some inspiration, or in need of some new games to follow and play, because there's plenty of great titles here to enjoy.
And if you had a game made using Unity at EGX that isn't on the list, let us know, and we'll be sure to add it.

60 Seconds - Robot Gentlemen

Action Henk - RageSquid

Aerobat - Thew

Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space - Z4G0

Aperion Cyberstorm - aPriori Digital

Arclight Cascade - Hexdragonal Games

Asura: Rise of the Demon King - Ogre Head Studio

Between Heartbeats - Blimbu Games

Broforce - Free Lives

Cerulean Moon - Nachobeard

Crystal Rift - Psytec Games

De Mambo - The Dangerous Kitchen

DinoRAWR - Blinkbyte

Dropsy - Tendershoot

Dungelot: Shattered Lands - Red Winter

Eitr - Eneme Entertainment

Enter the Gungeon - Dodge Roll

Era - Terahard

Esper - Coatsink

Extreme Exorcism - Golden Ruby Games

Forager - Cat Burton and Nate Gallardo

Forgotten Ball - Joshua Croft

Four Sided Fantasy - Ludo Land Games

Gunsport - Necrosoft Games

Gang Beasts - Boneloaf

Gunnihilation - Robo Pixel Games

Guns of Icarus - Muse Games

Herald - Wispfire

Home Improvisation - The Stork Burnt Down

I Am Bread - Bossa Studios

Induction - Bryan Gale

Ironcast - Dreadbit

Isbarah - Leikir Studio

Kaiju Panic - Mechabit

Kawiteros - Neko Entertainment

Kingdom - Noio and Licorice

Knee Deep - Pixel Craft

Last Fight - Piranaking

Lumini - Speelbaars

Mayan Death Robots - Sileni Studios

Modsork - CinnoMan Games

Monsters and Monocles - Retro Dreamer

Mousecraft - Crunching Koalas

Mushroom 11 - Untame

Mute - RGBird Games

Nature's Zombie Apocalypse - Aniode

Oddworld: New And Tasty - Just Add Water

Odonata - Rob Laro and Anneka Tran

One Upon Light - SUTD Game Lab

Overruled! - Dlala Studios

Perlinoid - Jumpsuit Entertainment

Pollen - Mindfield Games

Poncho - Delve Interactive

Punch Club - Lazy Bear Games

Pure Pool - VooFoo Studios

Quiet As A Stone - Richard Whitelock

Replay: VHS Is Not Dead - Neko Entertainment

ROK - Stitch Games

Runbow - 13AM Games

Shadow Puppeteer - Sarepta Studio

Shu - Coatsink

SkyScrappers - Ground Shatter

Soul Axiom - Wales Interactive

Star Command Galaxies - Warballoon

Starship Mechanic - Resonance Studios

Stikbold - Reign Bros

Sublevel Zero - SigTrap

Super Dungeon Bros - React! Games

Super Rude Bear Resurrection - Alex Rose

Superbeat Xonix - Nurijoy

Tears of Avia - CooCooSqueaky

Terratech - Payload Studios

The Flock - Vogelsap

The Living Dungeon - RadiationBurn

Thea: The Awakening - MuHa Games

Theo & Lizzy - Butcherlabs

Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows - Lince Works

Typoman - Brainseed Factory

Videoball - Action Button Entertainment

Void and Meddler - noCVT

VR Karts - Viewpoint Games

Wailing Heights - Outsider Games

Worlds of Magic - Wastelands Interactive

YIIK: A Postmodern RPG - Ackk Studios

Matthew Fini